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Five Prayers to Speak Over Your Husband

The enemy wants nothing more than to kill, steal, and destroy your marriage. Download these five prayers to speak over your husband to help protect your marriage.


What better than to start the day than by speaking a spiritual hedge of protection over the special covenant God has given the both of you? 


Discovering I Am
Bible Study

Enjoy this study of the seven "I Am" statements found in the book of John. As a result of this Bible study, you will be able to coherently discuss the "I Am" statements and upon completion, generate and incorporate topics of theology in your own ministry. 


Read the First Chapter of

Wild Adventures

Join me on an adventure to encounter God outside of the church walls. These real-life stories are where I met God in the most unexpected places. This book is a reminder that God is always with us and we should be inviting Him into our daily lives, not just on Sundays. 

Wild Adventures

Do You Have a Teachable Spirit?

We all have God-given gifts and talents. These are natural things graciously imparted to us by God. But, if we live a teachable spirit and lifestyle, we can learn all types of things we never knew we could.


Do you have a teachable spirit? Download this free guide to find out what it takes to have a teachable spirit. 

Teachable Spirit
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