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Weekend in the Hill Country

My husband filled me in on a little suprise he had brewing in his head for some time. Daniel is not one to withhold surprises, if fact, he could not stand it anymore and ended up squealing about his keen idea. I was absolutely astounded at his gesture and ingenuity. I had patietly waited for many months to get out of Houston and get up in the Hill Country, and he finally made it come to pass.

We immediately fumbled through Airbnb and we found the cutest, little Airbnb in Johnson City called, New Life Farms.

Upon arrival a few Fridays later we had the pleasure of meeting Amy and Mike. They owned a lovely farm full of little hidden gems such as a hammock, swing, cabin and balcony to sit and sip your favorite beverage and enjoy a good book or with chat with company. The scenery was spectacular. The balcony overlooked the amazing sunrise and sunset. The home was perfectly surrounded with love and generosity. Mike's fresh breakfast was nothing short of pure deliciousness. The pups were a nice reminder of playfulness and kindness but I'm sure they get this from Mike and Amy as well. The two lovely hosts acquainted us with surrounding areas of things to do and where to visit. My husband and I raved for hours upon arrival back home with every intention to come back as soon as possible.

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