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She Prays

She wakes, not by the traditional sounds of an alarm, or the overly caffeinated talk show host, babbling on about the weather. She wakes quietly by the kiss of the sun on her face. She hugs her pillow, curls her toes and slowly open and closes her eyes as they adjust. 

She begins to hum as her long hair falls along her back and the collar of her pajama shirt goes over her head. She notices that her right foot taps to the beat only she hears in her head. Slowly she breaks in to a quiet sway as the music progressively gets louder. She turns on the hot water and watches the steam fog the mirror. She lets the steam fill her lungs while the sounds of the harmony create imprints on her soul.

She whispers as the water falls over face and begins to pray. She begins by giving thanks for all of her blessings. Her family, her friends, her career and her hearing; for if it were not for that simple sense, she would not ever know the love she has for music and dance.

She smiles, and tip toes into the shower,

"Amen", she says. "For You have blessed me with yet another day."

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