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A Little Song of Happiness

I am an explorer. I am an adventurer. I am an artist, a creator, a photographer and a novice writer. I am a dancer. I am a wanderer. I am a daughter, a sister, a wife and a best friend. I am an encourager, and I am a dreamer.

I tried for years on end to be a 'city girl'. As the cliche goes, 'You can take the girl out of the country...'. I love fishing with my daddy, and I hide my tears every time he untangles my line.

  • I keep my mother's face powder in my makeup bag and smell it when I miss her.

  • I have a extraordinary connection with animals.

  • I am smitten by the sounds of crashing water and bluesy guitar licks.

  • I love pin ups, classic cars, pitbulls and tattoos.

  • I feel pretty in cheap sunglasses and Converse.

  • I hate shopping, but antique stores are my favorite.

  • Telephones drive me insane. I hate my computer. They both consume too much my time.

  • My television was my worst investment.

  • I love the smell of fresh coffee but have a love affair with hot tea.

  • I tend to fall in love with colors on and long trips on my bike.

  • I have creative thoughts of colorful walls and cursive writings.

  • I want to take an art class for lettering; and practice more than I ever have before.

  • I love the color white, but I tend to sling blueberry juice on every inch of it.

  • Bleach and I have a love-hate relationship.

  • I love Post-it notes, planners and highlighters.

  • I have a strange addiction for pens and journals.

  • I want to take a writing class; and actually listen this time.

  • I dream in color and have visions; I should probably start writing those down.

  • I am afraid of people reading my work.

  • I daydream about traveling all over the world and photographing every moment of it.

  • I yearn to dance, laugh, and love every single day, for the rest of my life.

  • I've come to realize rainy days and being sick are the only things that make me stop.

  • I wonder how I can live like there is no tomorrow when I love to plan for the future.

  • I've discovered that I did not go to college for a degree, but to learn to love myself. There, God and I became friends again.

  • I learned how to cry at the age of 30, and was shown what it means to truly forgive.

  • Now I cry when others succeed, especially when they think they couldn't.

Lord, I know it's a lot, but I'm asking for more. Teach me to love, teach me to pray, teach me Father, and lead me Your way.

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