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Cancelling Their Debts

I could not stop hearing the words of last Friday night's guest speaker. His words were still lingering around my head the next day, when I decided to try my first attempt for a 40-miler on my bike. I packed as little as possible - water, banana, and a protein bar. I had my heart set on a nice cup of tea, too, so the ride itself would consist of visiting my hometown, Pasadena, Texas.

The odometer read 19.99 but I could barely remember getting to the 'Sycamore Grounds'. I vaguely remember rolling over the threshold of Houston to Pasadena as the Holy Spirit reminded me of Pastor Phil's words, "Cancel their debts."

It had been well over 20 years since I was on Pasadena Boulevard, but there I was, tears and sweat drowning my eyes. Somewhere in between, I began going down the line, forgiving, yet again those who hurt me. This time was different though - I prayed with authority and finalizing the prayer with, "and all their debts are paid." I came to the realization that I still believed they owed me many debts - my childhood, my virginity, my heart...But they didn't. In the past, those things were taken and I held onto that year after year. Completely unbeknownst to me, I had not fully released them. I thought I had, but I hadn't. I calmed my heart, ordered my hibiscus mint tea over ice, and took a glimpse at my bike stats. 26 mph, for 19.99 miles. The Holy Spirit pushed and pushed me, the whole way to 'Sycamore Grounds', cleansing my mind, body and soul. I had fully surrendered, forgiving everything I was holding onto in Pasadena. That freedom transported me on a high for another 20 miles back home to Houston. WIth not one single memory of ever leaving Sycamore Grounds.

Thank you Father for cleansing my soul, leaving room for only You. Thank You for clearing out the old and bringing in the new. Thank You for creating in me a new heart and humbling me as I go down to my knees to praise Your name. Thank You for releasing me of bitter memories and to only remember the good and healthy ones. In Jesus' Name, Amen

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