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Testimony Tuesday - Nothing is for Nothing

There is something mysterious and romantic about holding your husband's hand in the pitch black of night, pointing out the constellations and stars. It is then you begin to wonder how this spontaneous vacation unfolded less than 24 hours ago.

My mind fails to generate a word describing the feeling I have after a divine appointment. The awareness you encounter when you know the whole weekend was completely orchestrated by God. You believed with all you heart it was a "just lucky day", but it wasn't. It was God.

God hand wrote the work excuse, the complimentary $208 per night resort, the sunset on Lake Travis. All of it. It was all God.

How do I know?

It is when you find yourself praying alongside your husband, with a friend at midnight while in Austin. Any other regular person might feel burdened or annoyed while she's just about in tears, struggling about things in her life. Then God says, "What? You thought this was a free trip?"

That is when you realize what's going on.

We were DUPED! That's the word, duped.

All you can do in this very moment of revelation is turn to your spouse, shrug and smile from ear to ear. Your spouse knows, and you know good and well you could not have ever created anything this seamless, this miraculous in your entire life. It was God who created it for you, because you worked for Him first. And you know what? You are not in the least upset about it, in fact the "atta girl" feeling comes over you like the fresh breeze off of Lake Travis.

Thank you Father God for providing my husband and I such an amazing weekend full of love and laughter. Thank you Heavenly Father for our family and for our friends. I ask that you continue to work in all of our hearts and to continue to show us all how to love the way you love. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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