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The Color Condition

The debut is finally here! The Color Condition by Arcade was a beautiful unveiling assortment of painters drop cloths, shower curtains and table cloths. The endless strands of colors draped over your head creating a playful and flirtatious adventure. You can find these floating bursts of color in between the sunlight and clouds at Discovery Green in the heart of Houston. This continuous game of hide and seek resides around the Avenida, in front of George R. Brown as well as alongside the Maconda's Grove.

I was able to capture the essence of this installation a day before the debut and alongside no more than five people. Today's unusual amount calmness enabled my ears to zero in on the streamers playing back and forth with one another. With each gust of wind, I assumed the stands would tangle but to my surprise, created a charming sense of innocence instead.

Although Hopscotch and the Wharf were fascinating, the 'Double Dutch' installation caught my eye with immediate poise. There is something quite delicate and alluring about an unorganized body of colors, gracefully tickling one another.

Whether you come to enjoy these installations alone or with family and friends, you can bet this will be a treat in itself. In all of our busy lives, these installations create a moment of serenity, where you can look up in to the sky and drift off, even for just a few moments.

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