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Amazing Grace

I love music. I mean, I really, love music. I was the infamous band nerd and surrounded by my mom dancing to the Golden Oldies and daddy to Classic Country. Over the years, not much has changed except my genres have grown exponentially and well, now I dance to salsa cubana instead.

Every once in a while I find a song in which I can no longer even keep my knees buckled into place. Last night was that night.

During worship and praise, I heard familiar lyrics but from a new voice. I looked over the screen and joked about a handsome young man. Upon arrival to my seat in the congregation, I instantly began to weep ... and my knees buckled.

This was the song.

I know, another Amazing Grace song. You have heard one, you have heard them all.

Let me tell you it is not. This 4:32 is worth every second. Watch with your open heart, and let me know what it does to you.

I triple dog dare you not to cry.

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