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In Recovery

Hello all! Please excuse my silence over the last week, but I have been pondering what exactly to write about. Many bloggers are writing about the destruction of last week’s Hurricane Harvey. As usual, my heart is not to write about what everyone else is writing. My heart yearns to write about what people are not writing.

This is difficult.

Why you ask? Because it has been a while since a large number of people have come together in union to help one another. People have dropped the, "Did you vote for Trump or Hilary?" conversation and have come together in unity and in love.

I can almost guarantee whether you are Christian or not, you know of Matthew 22:39 which says, "And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'

This is what to write about. I want to write about love.

As we come together and begin the recovery process, emotions are skyrocketing … not only for women but for men as well. People are peering out their front windows at the end of their street, while a pile of their lives awaits the large trash pickup.

What does this have to do with love? Everything. It has everything to do with love. Did you know love does not require for you to say anything? Yes, you can be absolutely silent through this process. No one said silence was easy, being the extra-extroverted, bubbly gal, it is difficult for me not to try to 'fix' someone's situation. To be frank, this is something I struggle with and want to share in case you share the same difficulty.

While a friend is crying over lost furniture that matched the carpet, let her. Do not say a word. If a friend is upset about a 1965 Ford Mustang which was flooded and the parts are too expensive and the insurance will not cover this classic car, let him. I understand most things in our lives are materialistic but unfortunately in this day of age, we do let the materials we possess define us. As ridiculous as this may be, we all work hard to have nice things and when a natural disaster destroys this in a matter of hours, emotions are wrecked. This is the time to say no more than, "I cannot imagine how you must be feeling."

We as humans tend to listen to reply and not to understand. This is not love. Forcefully trying to fix something that needs to process and heal is not an act of love. Love is listening without response, a hot cup of coffee or a warm meal. Whatever your love language is, be a gift to someone. You do not have to reply, undermine or even understand. You just have to love.

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