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Mexico Quierdo

Buildings were collapsing right under their feet, a 7.1 treacherous and fatal earthquake, destroyed Mexico City early Tuesday afternoon. This marks the 32nd anniversary of the largest earthquake to ever hit Mexico's capital. It has been less than two weeks since the last tremor which killed at least 90 people; and today we sit over 200 lives lost.

My heart aches for this beautiful country, a country which is very close to my heart.

This heartbreak brings me to the mercy of sharing a beautiful event I was able to join in last Friday, also know as El Grito de Dolores presented by Tierra de los Artesanos.

The fair trade markets had their doors open and ready for business. Numerous vendors sat outside the plaza and displayed their finest pieces, crafts and baked goods. Other surrounding small businesses such as Bohemeo's also participated in the celebration of el Dia de la Independencia, all with open arms.

Upon arrival, DJ Gracie Chavez created a Latin fusion which inspired everyone to begin their celebration right away. People began dancing in line, awaiting to indulge in Cochinita & co. mouthwatering dishes.

Mexicanos, Latinos and other cultures came together and shared more than food and drinks but an evening of colorful laughter and delight.

Shortly thereafter, the showcase began. Ballet Folklorico Azteca de Houston had the crowd in complete awe, generating tears of joy and boisterous gritos! Los niños giggled while looking into each others innocent eyes, knowing their performance remained flawless. Parents, family and friends gathered at the heart of the Tlaquepaque Market for the infamous El Grito de Dolores.

Just as Houston continues to rebuild after Hurricane Harvey, our beautiful Mexico will as reconstruct and mend as well. Though the devastation has not yet simmered, our hearts and prayers are with you Mexico Quiredo.

El mundo unido esta contigo. VIVA MEXICO!

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