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New Orleans - Anniversary Weekend

Here we are, about to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. Daniel and I decided on an early weekend getaway as we knew we would be attending two other weddings in which shared our anniversary. After some serious coaxing, I finally persuaded Daniel for a road trip to New Orleans.

We arrived late Friday evening and met with our Airbnb host, an avid cyclist who was heavy into music and arts.


Bywater Hideaway was passionately hand painted by native New Orleanians. Vibrant, bold colors both indoors and out, created an ambience straight out of the Caribbean and it was memorizing!

Early Saturday morning we began our journey toward the infamous Elizabeth's Restaurant, we were not two blocks away from our bed and breakfast when two dollars blew across our feet, catching both our eyes. Wow! What a great way to start a trip!

During this getaway, we visited numerous coffee shops, cafes, and bookstores. I will be sure to write about those experiences soon but for now, I cannot help but to share a few testimonies beforehand.

After breakfast, we set out for the town on our bikes because it took weeks to persuade Daniel to bring them. We walked all over the city, enjoying the sites and sounds of the infamous New Orleans, all the while my husband dreaded the idea of leaving our bikes. My naive heart showered his concerns and finally we set out on more sightseeing. We spent hours looking over bridges, parks, squares and the French Quarter.

After lunch, also known as delicious beignets from Café du Monde, Daniel could no longer stand it and we set out back toward our bikes. When we arrived back from of Jackson Square, there stood two ministers preaching in front of our bikes, locked up against the fence. We kindly asked if we could unlock our bikes and get out of their way and they looked at us and apologized...

"We didn't even see your bikes. They blended right in!"

Daniel and I looked at each other in amazement. Now how in the world could they not see a bright orange and yellow bike, next to a neon pink, lime green and hot orange bike?

We giggled.

God, you are sneaky, and thank you for taking care of our bikes.

We continued through the city visiting all the wonderful places Louisiana is known for, The French Market, Louie Armstrong Park, Canal Street and many others.

Sunday was upon us and we decided over breakfast at Satsuma Café to visit City Park. Fighting extremely humid weather, we had an inclining rain would become a nuisance sooner rather than later. We agreed a little rain would not put a damper on our vacation.

We opted to leave our bikes at Lafayette Square, covered and secure at the Blues & BBQ Festival in which our Airbnb hosts just so happened to be hosting.

Traveling included visiting Magazine Street, the Garden District and of course, Sandra Bullock's home. While gawking above the ten-foot fence, sprinkles tapped our heads and black clouds filled the sky. It was time for an Uber driver.

Within minutes a chubby man pulled up to our location, blaring an old school rap song, missing very minimally the perfect pitch. The destination was City Park, specifically LOVE, Red Blue by Robert Indiana. The rain continued to put down as Corey zipped in and out of cars down the narrow streets. Once we reached our destination, all three of us were peering out for this large red piece. We circled for over twenty minutes, changing locations, chuckling at our mad Google skills and Corey's driving choreographgy as he belted out, "I've been here for thirty five years, this art piece HAS to be here."

To give himself more time, he began chatting about his church and his love of worship singing.

His belly wiggled as he told stories of his twelve year marriage, winding through City Park traffic. Forty-five minutes in, we finally located the sculpture, at Sydney and Walda Besthoff Sculpture Garden.

We jumped out, and to our surprise, Corey requested that we go find the sculpture and he would be "right here" when we returned. We raced through the raindrops to the furthest part of the garden. And there it was, LOVE.

Sloshing though the mud in my perfectly white Converse, I go my shot...and a couple of selfies for good measure.

Holding hands, giggling in the rain all the way back, we found Corey face deep in his yellow Lay's potato chips bag. He too laughing and shaking his head, "The things you'll do for love."

We graciously thanked him for waiting and began the route back to Lafayette Square where the festivities should have very well started by then.

Though the rain stopped, the draining system is not quite as forgiving. One deep, dark pothole shot a bucket full of New Orleans water through the passengers opened window, where I was sitting. My right side was drenched, it was straight out of the scene of The Matrix. Corey continued to apologize as he rolled up the window and Daniel and I could not help but bust out laughing. I was soaked, Texan's t-shirt down to my ankle.

As promised, nothing could ruin the best day of our anniversary weekend.

While still giggling, we thanked Corey for such adventures, giving a nice tip along the way. We closed the door and parted ways. Within minutes Daniel looks at me patting his shorts, "Babe, I lost twenty bucks."


Excuse me?

We looked around and it was gone. We agreed it was a huge blessing for Corey and prayed for him and his wife.

God gave us two dollars upon arrival, so he could bless someone else with forty.

How did we know this you ask?

After checking in on our bikes, three voices belted out with the most beautiful worship songs I have ever heard. After opening up with a prayer, these seasoned gospel singers had everyone in complete awe.

There were countless other incidences where God revealed himself and the more it happened the more we laughed at our worrisome attitude and lack of faith. We not only had protection but we had the time of our lives ringing in a new year for our marriage.

Thank you my glorious Father for such an amazing time with my husband. Thank you for teaching us how to continually trust in You and in your Word. Thank you for providing, in every way imaginable. You are our King and we delight in you! In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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