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Testimony Tuesday: Salt Lake City

Though people warned me, it was not until I had my first experience high above the clouds when I realized, I want nothing more than to travel all over the world with my husband, camera and pen and paper.

Daniel had his first out of town meeting and we decided I would take advantage of the hotel accommodations and let Carolyn Marie Photography purchase an airline ticket to Utah. The plan consisted of parting ways once our feet hit the ground but within minutes, there I was shaking hands with his bosses.

It is very rare to be silent but in this case, my mouth was zipped closed as snow flurries tickled my nose. The bosses offered me a ride to the hotel, along with my husband and his other associates. They began their small talk as I peered out of the window, fogging up with my warm breath. "Have you not ever seen mountains or snow?" One executive said.

"No sir, never." I continued with my eyes wide on the gorgeous snow caps.

I tossed my overnight bag onto our hotel bed and took hold of my camera and journal. Within thirty minutes I bit into a glorious avocado toast and sipped hot jasmine green tea at The Rose Establishment.

Every shade of yellow, orange and red covered all of Salt Lake City. I had not ever seen such vibrant colors falling off the trees. Mountains peeked through between the downtown skyline and I whispered,

"God, you created such beauty, thank you for giving me eyes to see."

Bookstore after bookstore, coffee shop after coffee shop, I kept clicking my shutter, capturing the essence of what "fall colors" really meant.

Hours flew by, mile by mile I continued my walk all over the city, stumbling upon graffiti walls, quotes and City Creek.

The vibration of my phone broke my awe,

"The bosses have invited you to dinner, be here by 5:30."

Wait, what!?

The Lyft driver zoomed in the corner of Ken Sander's Rare Books and whipped me back to the hotel.

That evening Daniel mentioned I would be dining with his associates. Completely flabbergasted, I hopped on one leg to get into my jeans and we were off to Hoof & Vine.

This restaurant was top notch, appetizers and jokes were shared over the table. The food arrived with elegance and melted in our mouths.

It was time to part when Dan's boss pulled him aside and told him, "Take tomorrow off and show her around."

Daniel and I looked at one another and could not believe what we heard. Daniel has only been with this company ten months and they are letting him off to enjoy time with his wife.

Wednesday morning started earlier than I imagined. Dan was up and wiggling around by seven a.m. We were showered, dressed and ready to take on the few hours we had before our flight. This included adventures I had not ever even imagined would take place.

Our hotel host insisted on dining at the local Cottonwood Heights Café. Outside stood a vintage black and read caboose overlooking snow capped mountains from the front windows.

Peeking through the window from the outside, my eyes fixed on the wall of books and collection of vintage radios. The waitress must have caught a glimpse of my bibliophile tendencies, as she sat us hugged up right against the library wall. Our order included fluffy, plump omelettes and one pancake which could feed a small village. The edges perfectly crusted and the color of brown sugar, and just as sweet.

We agreed on Brighton, as someone mentioned the word, "snow".

Within minutes our Lyft driver chugged up the valley. Within ten minutes, two moose stared at the vehicle, brushing its antlers in a way only God would have them sit for a photo. Paying no mind, he stared and continued basking int he sun.

The driver dropped us off at Brighton Resort and I was absolutely speechless. Snow sparkled, on just about everything. I had not ever experienced snow which actually stuck. I took a step out and it crunched under my boots. I could not help but to grab a handful and chunk it straight toward Dan.

"HEY!" as snow crashed against his black, leather jacket.

Within minutes our bodies were washed by this beautiful, white snow.

Pine trees and cones dropped with snow upon them. We stayed about thirty minutes, falling in love with this pure, white snow but we knew we would need to start heading back sooner rather than later.

Once again, we opted for a Lyft driver.

Our driver instantly caught on to my excitement. "You've never seen snow? When is your flight?"

He being native to the area continued to drive higher and higher until I begin to see more snow, also the opposite way to our hotel.

My excitement grew, tears welted up in my eyes as the mountains grew closer and closer, higher and higher. At this very moment, I could have cared less about our flight. Finally, we stopped. Our driver asked us to get out and peek around the corner.

There it was, Silver Lake, iced over and it was glorious!

Our driver knew we needed to leave so he gathered us and begin his way back to our hotel. He mentioned his daughter-in-law was a photographer in The Woodlands and raved about his beautiful grandchildren. The thirty minute or so drive created some sort of a bond and we could not help but to giggle in the back seat. We gracious thanked him for taking the time out to show us around.

Though it was only 1-2 hours, it was an experience I had not ever witnessed and one I will not ever forget.

Three days later, right back in the toasty Houston weather Dan calls with a sounds of confusion, "He did not charge us."

"I need a little more information honey..." fell out of my mouth. "The Lyft driver." A vision flashed before my eyes of Silver Lake, snow covered mountains, and the gentleman who wanted nothing more than to show us the beauty in which God created. He must have seen my tears because he was not working for money. He was working for God.

Thank you Father for creating a way, and though you always make a way, thank you for making it so memorable. Thank you Father for new experiences and a constant reminder you are always with me, my husband, family and friends. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

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