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The Little Glass Jar

My husband and I began our ministry not like any other. As usual, we did things a little differently. It all started with a few pieces of plywood, wooden clothes pins, some Post-it Notes and a little glass jar. Within minutes, Daniel created a prayer board for our office.

We began writing down prayers, clipping them to the board and waited until God worked in His mysterious ways. Most of the time, we would end smiling at one another, folding up the prayer request, and tossing it into our a jar given to him by his late mother.

Now, this jar has a little history to it. Though small and deep, was always topped off with colorful candy and packed full of love, now being repurposed for countless testimonies.

Months passed by and we began praying more and more, loosing site of the prayer board itself but never the jar. Prayers lasted longer, would be said at any given moment and most importantly we began praying for others more than ourselves. We continued sharing all of God's miracles and placing them in the jar, one after another, testimony after testimony.

It was nearing the end of the year when we realized we no longer used the prayer board as a reminder to pray. God put it on our hearts to learn how to pray with one another, interceding with confidence and poise.

We decided to sow our handcrafted prayer board to someone else and popped open our Testimony Jar on New Years Day.

Tears filled our eyes when we read, "Best friend's salvation, Daniel's new career, Restored friendship..." and many, many more.

At the end of the day we did not realize we would have our very first tradition but this tradition solidified our first year of marriage, reminding us of the bond creating by God Himself.

There are a few prayer requests we have continued to pray into existence and we know its only a matter of God's Will and His time.

I urge you to find whatever it takes to spend more time with God. Daily devotionals, prayer boards, whatever you choose to do, spend more time with your Heavenly Father in 2018!

Many blessings,


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