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Not Today Satan

I am appalled how the enemy comes at you without a hint of apprehension.

In mid January, my husband and I finished our deliverance paperwork, we mailed it in and additionally we enrolled for Bible college. Within hours, the enemy began digging his heels into our lives. (John 10:10)

Please excuse my candid nature as we are all friends here.

Within forty-eight hours, I came down with a combination of the Flu virus, both respiratory and stomach as well as Urinary Tract Infection. After being bed ridden for five days, we scheduled our Deliverance meeting dates for two weeks out. It was church Sunday and we were finally out of the house! After a wonderful message and prayer, the congregation went out to a delicious new lunch spot called, Avesta. Lunch began with piping hot Persian bread, fresh mint and feta cheese and later we dined on mouthwatering kabobs and dill seasoned rice. It was after an hour or so when we parted ways and we discovered someone tried to break into Daniel's truck, destroying the lock components.

Slightly annoyed, we prayed through the situation and whew, finally! We get a break.

Ha, not today Satan!

Photography by: Sara Case of Evoke Photography

The next day was Daniel's birthday and we took our beloved monkey (dog), also known as Blade into the veterinarian for a routine injection. Within minutes the technician mentions an abnormality in Blade's lymph nodes. The veterinarian, (who originally fostered him for nine months prior to being adopted) came back with some concerns. We ran a few diagnostics and sent the cytology smears off to the lab. On my birthday, two days later, the findings were confirmed of our veterinarian.


Our birthday gifts for one another included no gifts but rather a weekend trip to Colorado. We were to depart less than twenty-four hours later.

With the updated news of the attack of cancer, we began praying through our emotions and flew to Colorado. Though our weekend was full of glorious testimonies and beautiful memories, our hearts yearned for our fur baby back home.

Upon arrival on Monday, we began laying hands on Blade more and more. My husband and I prayed together more than ever before. It was then when we received numerous Words that our pup would be okay. Unfortunately, I had not heard much from God, at all.

Was there something wrong with me? Did I do something wrong?

Wednesday came sooner rather than later and Daniel's appointment with Pastor arrived, and a day later, mine on Thursday. Daniel and I both came into agreement to pay special attention to our words, be extra kind with one another and shower one another with mercy and grace.

And we all know how that goes.

The first couple of days after deliverance were not bad, then came The Wild West. Everything rustled up, thoughts, emotions, voices and opinions but we agreed, not today Satan.

The following week rolled around (current week) and I finally heard God said, "Fast and Pray".

So, it was done.

I dropped off Blade for his radiographs and ultrasound at eight o'clock and so began

fasting and prayer. Hours went by, giving way for the Holy Spirit to flash the word, "COST" on a movie screen.

What does cost mean?

All I could think of was Katherine Kuhlman's voice, "It costs much but it's worth the cost. It cost everything. If you really want to know the price, it'll cost you everything."

Around four o'clock, our veterinarian called, giggling at Blade's shenanigans and happy to announce zero negative findings about the diagnostics and her opinion of Blade's fantastic candidacy for Chemotherapy. She begged us to let her refer us to an oncologist and let us converse with her about options, since in theory, there is no cure for Lymphosarcoma but only remission and that being no more than a year. Though Daniel and I rebuked those words, we were both in full agreement with healing. Unfortunately, I found myself with hundreds of questions and even more revelations...

Stepping out on faith is difficult. (Matthew 14: 30-31)

Watching your spoken words is difficult. (Proverbs 18:21)

Submitting to you husband is difficult. (Ephesians 5:22-25)

Walking out the Christian lifestyle is not for the faint of heart. It takes work, submission, fasting, prayer, a complete breaking down of one's soul.

And here I am, trying to keep it all together.

So verbally I declare,

I believe my God is Almighty and able to move mountains. I believe in His Word and His word says, "By His stripes we are healed." I believe in the unseen, I believe in miracles and I believe My Most High does not want our loving pet to die by the hands of the devil. Lord God, I do not know Your Will but I pray that my will not be done, but lines up to yours. I command the enemy out and off of every, single person we consider family and friend. Thank you Father God for your mercy and grace as I could not walk without you by my side. Lord God, my Savior, if there is something I have not prayed which is hindering Blade's miracle of healing, please reveal it to me. Holy Spirit, I ask you to fill our home, our church and our workplaces full of your divine goodness. Father, give me eyes to see and ears to hear. Father, let me know the cost. In Jesus' Might Name, Amen.

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