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40 Days of Tiny Adventures

When was the last time you actively invited God into your daily routine? I am not talking about fasting or praying in the morning or dancing around in your socks to God's Great Dance Floor. I'm talking about setting a plate for the Lord after a long day at work, inviting Him to sit with you around the table while you fling spaghetti everywhere. I speak about ordering a latte with almond milk, and one with whole milk because God doesn't worry about His girlish figure, or lighting a candle and intimately reciting the Song of Songs.

This kind of invitation in which you must humble yourself in front of people in coffee shops, restaurants, or your neighbor's front door in which you've never knocked.

Forty days ago I stumbled upon The Art of Adventure Blog by Charissa, I honestly cannot tell you how I found her Instagram page but within an hour I found the free resources tab and I was happily downloading reading material for our upcoming road trip of 4,500 miles. I began immediately and by Day Two (even out of order) I sobbed during His presence. There was a mix of emotions between, "Why haven't I ever done this before?" and "Oh dear Lord, I am so sorry for forgetting about you."

The next forty days included a number of activities and because I tend to do the things the hard way, every opportunity I had to encounter others, I began with, " God told me to..."

For example, "God told me to purchase these beautiful flowers for you." or "God told me to write you this letter, I hope you like it."

Though I am what my husband and sister-in-law call "an extreme extrovert", these type of adventures tend to see what exactly you're made of. Humility to the max my dear friends.

There were also occasions where God and I just hung out. God and I went to the Salt Flats in the Badwater Basin. We enjoyed a picnic together in Napa Valley, we hiked the Grand Canyon and even captured the Milky Way together at 2 a.m. in Bryce Canyon.

Each adventure was a cordial invitation for His presence. Whether the adventure included batter, paint or sweat, He was always invited and God always showed up. Without fail, He was there.

I will be honest, I did not have much expectation of this little 'experiment' other than giving me something to do over the long road trip, but to my surprise (as always), I had the humbling experience of "Learning to Travel with a Wild God" and I do not regret one, single moment with my Father.

My clean "40 Days of Tiny Adventures" originally listed forty days of things to do and ended up being torn, worn, filled with tea stains, and covered in sweat and memories, testimonies and revelations to share for years to come.

My creativity has been reignited, my writing has taken off, flowers have begun to bloom and hearts have been restored and this is all because God wanted to hang out with me, daily. It is up to us to invite our Father into our daily lives. He yearns for our time, our invitations, and most of all, a relationship with us. He wants us to seek Him. He wants us to chase Him with loving eyes, grasping His presence with our bare hands.

And all I can say is, DO IT.

Jump in.

Jump into His grace. Jump into His arms, jump into adventures with God.

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