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Here's What's Up ...

Over the last few of weeks I have thoroughly enjoyed the little book club my friend Crystal Williams and I began earlier this summer. It started with a good excuse to leave the hubby's at home while we went to cute eateries such as, The Dunlavy and Cafe Poetes.

To my surprise, it became something I looked forward to every week, wondering what book we would be choosing next. And let's be real, I was already sold because of the hot tea.

We recently finished up Dance, Stand, Run by Jess Connolly. This book was filled with encouragement, revelation, and a swift kick in the rear end; do not be fooled by the cute, pink cover (because I was). This is not a book to be sitting outside of the pool while you soak up the rays.

Jess Connolly has a fantastic gift in writing and even more so, a call of God on her life. Mrs. Connolly's passion for women is reflected between the covers of her pages. I will not lie to you readers, this is a shaken not stirred kind of book. Mrs. Connolly intends to stir up the Spirit that lives within each of us. Her silly antics keep you wanting more, but some times in small doses to let it all sink in. This was an amazing book to reflect on, mediate in your own time, and follow up with a serious heart check. I highly recommend this book to any reader willing and ready to get stirred up a little bit!

After giving God the green light to change some things in my life, I began the hilarity of Jen Hatmaker's, Of Mess and Moxie.

Mrs. Hatmaker's genuine heart of God keeps me laughing and inspires me about future endeavors to come. Mrs. Hatmaker's writing style is covered in one of her chapters and I kid you not, makes you rethink all the excuses we creatives make up in our heads. This razzle-dazzle of a book exposes some of my greatest weaknesses and I love her for it!

What's Up Next ...

Tomorrow, we will begin Everybody Always after wiping away tears from laughter and bittersweet moments in Bob Goff's first book, Love Does. For anyone who has not yet picked up Love Does, you are in for a serious treat.

Mr. Goff's humorous writing keeps you on your toes, not only for the sake of the book but for all of his shenanigans he paints out in words. If you are looking for a light read, with a heavy emphasis on how to love others at all times, pick this little book up! As a side note, Bob Goff refers to his wife on numerous occasions and if you are looking for the opposite spectrum of his outgoing, living on the edge storytelling, Maria (also know as Sweet Maria) Goff's new book called, Love Lives Here is also a wonderful read for women of all ages.

What's On the Nightstand ... Last week, Crystal came with a book bag full of books she urged would be a great addition to our reading collection and most importantly, books she highly recommended. I fumbled through my book bag in search of a pen to write down the books she eloquently showed off like Vanna White. Instantly intrigued, I began calling my local bookstore, such as Kaboom Books, and clicking crazily on good ole Amazon! I found amazing deals within both locations! Now, sitting proudly on my nightstand you will find,

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

both in which I cannot wait to tear into! I have numerous things about each of these books. If you have read either of these books before, please drop my a comment below!

Where You Can Find These Gems ...

My dear husband made our lives so easy by creating a secondary tab on my blog called, Book Recommendations. This is where you will find numerous books I recommend and with one click, can arrive at your door as early as two days! YAY, AMAZON!

Every book I noted above has its own special link, just a click away! Drop those little babies in your cart. I only ask for one favor, after you read each book, tell me what you learned from these reads. Each and every book is different but they all tug on your heart strings in a completely different manner, creating the urge to read just one more page!

Happy reading!

All books are associated with being an Amazon Affiliate.

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