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Do you ever have those precious moments of serenity you can almost feel?

I was reminded of this warm, caressing sun on my skin from our West Coast Road Trip over the summer. Though my husband and I were merely walking around Memorial Park in Houston, the stillness and evening glow reminded me of the most beautiful sunset I had ever witnessed in Napa Valley.

My husband and I were walking hand in hand, while Moose 'chomped' at every butterfly or mosquito buzzing by.

You see, we do not have Thursdays off these days. Thursdays are usually filled with a full day of work then followed up with a two hour counseling session for a sister in crisis then a Ladies Bible Study. We usually close the doors to the church around 10:30 p.m. and make our way home.

Though I absolutely LOVE those days, I could not help but to bask in the restful nature God provided today.

It was perfect. Daniel and I had absolutely no agenda and we took full advantage of the free evening.

While day dreaming of the beautiful rolling hills of California, my tennis shoes crunched the gravel pavement and I could not have been happier. Peace and bliss filled my heart because I realized it was WHO I was with, not WHERE I was.

Love was shared and created a precious moment in time because I was surrounded with my loving husband and silly dog.

Finding the 'Joy in the Journey' is actually becoming quite an adventure. Unbeknownst to me, these priceless moments come and go rather quickly and I want to make sure I am not too busy to loose site of them!

Happy Day!

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