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Ten Things I Love About ...

This evening I wanted to share with you a few things in which make my heart full of joy even when I would rather curl up in bed and go to sleep.

Most of these items below are commonly mistaken as complaints, but I actively converted them into praises. It has come to my attention, it's far easier to open up my mouth and spill out a bunch of nonsense rather than shut my mouth until I have something noteworthy to say.

I have been practicing this for some time and watching what you say and how you say it can sometimes take a little more time than you think.

So, instead of you learning the hard way (like I did), I chose to offer a little wisdom to speed up the joyful heart process.


"The first step to combating a complaining attitude is to control what we allow our minds to focus on." -Anonymous


Ten things I love about ...

1. Dirty laundry in the basket when I just washed the clothes three days ago.

Because this means we have clothes on our backs.

2. Dirty dishes in the sink after a clean sink this morning.

Because it means we have food to eat.

3. A flustered husband, cranking the wrench on the bikes.

Because I probably convinced him to go on a bike ride with me.

4. Files full of portraits to retouch, invading all of my perfectly clean work space.

Because I have plenty of work to do at the studio.

5. Dog hair on my freshly washed and ironed clothes.

Because our little puppy enjoys rubbing up against us before we get up in the morning.

6. Bills due on the first of the month.

Because our lights are still on and we have a roof over our heads.

7. Alarm clocks ringing in my ear, hurling me up toward the ceiling like Sylvester the Cat.

Because I have a career and it requires me to get to the studio on time.

8. Sweaty pits and deodorant stains.

Because it means I can walk, run, dance and cycle.

9. The tire pressure light in my car.

Because it means I have a vehicle to drive and a warning light for my safety.

10. The phone ringing, buzzing or lighting up on a regular basis.

Because it's a sign people enjoy talking and thinking about me.


These are my daily reminders; some declarations change here and there but most of them are what I intently speak praises about. I continuously thank God for all of these items because no matter how 'inconvenient' they might be, I wouldn't ever want to loose them.

I encourage you all to write out at least five things every day which make you smile, especially when you don't want to. Most of all, I want you to verbally declare your list.

Post these notes up on the mirror and glance at them before work, say them out loud because remember, some people do not have jobs to get up and go to.

Be grateful. Be kind. Be full of joy.


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