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Tuesdays Together - The Black Labrador

While editing these images, I noticed the album date and low and behold, the first time Carolyn Marie Photography photographed this event was back in October 2017. Here we are, a year later, and we are not only bigger, but we are better!

As noted above, it has been a year since finding this wonderful group of creative entrepreneurs. For those of you who are rolling your eyes about another "networking group," this is not your run of the mill group. This group of small business owners and creative designers, photographers, hand letterers, and many more; all have the equal mindset:


This idea spoke volumes to me. Before October 2017, my brain was set on getting all of the business, all of the time. Whether it meant cancelling plans, working at all hours of the night or under bidding my business, I did whatever it took to get the photography job. Let's be honest, it was a cut throat state of mind.

Unfortunately, with those particular ideas, when you are not hired or chosen, your emotions tend to get the best of you. The sad part is, if Carolyn Marie Photography would have taken half of those opportunities, we would be well into the red.

Thankfully, Tuesdays Together fell into my lap and with a ton of help from my fellow creatives, my thoughts, comments and concerns were answered and thinking was modified.

During these monthly meetings, you will find new business owners eager to get out there and you will also find seasoned creatives willing to give away their wisdom, freely. Simply because there is enough jobs to go around. Even more surprising, most of the business owners have walked the same, exact path and are willing to steer you away from the destruction.

While Carolyn Marie Photography was 'fighting' for business, it was completely unnecessary and down right useless. Those particular photography gigs we not ever for me. They were meant for another photographer to grow, build and create beautiful images. Most importantly, the thought of not ever having enough was obliterated. I was surrounded my numerous photographers and not once did I feel concerned with someone stealing my business model or idea for the next wedding. Instead, the air was clear and open for ideas to be bounced off of seasoned photographers, well into their businesses.

This past year has been an absolute pleasure learning from others, gaining business knowledge, and creating friendships. What a blessing it is to have a group of like-minded individuals rooting you and your business on, cheering you every step of the way and even creating a good excuse for brunch and a latte!

Thank you all for your continued support and the opportunity to grow alongside you all. A special thank you to The Black Labrador for opening up early for us to brainstorm, learn and grow. We could not do it without businesses like you.

I would also like to highlight LaShanta Green, Mandi Holmes of She Can Coterie, Meggie Magione and Miriam Elliot of Organized Life Design. Ladies, you all did a phenomenal job as panelist. I am honored to be a part of this amazing group of successful professionals and we could not do it without your willingness to share your wisdom. Thank you.

Until next month,

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