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Am I On Fire or a Burning Ember? Part 3

Welcome to the wrap up of, Am I On Fire or an Ember. If you have missed the last two days, feel free to catch up by clicking here.

Photography by: Zoltan Tasi

We left off where I drag you with me! So, here’s where YOU come in!

I’m asking for a little assistance in this new adventure because this is not the highest of my call list.

You all know I’m a teacher, there’s no ands, ifs or buts about it. BUT it does not exempt me from evangelizing the Word of God outside of these walls.

This may be something I have ‘try’ at but, this is OUR church.

This is OUR city. These are OUR local schools and hospitals. These are OUR workplaces and most of all, these are OUR soon-to-be brothers and sisters in Christ who need a little help like we did.

I want to be a real-deal Disciple. I want to abide in Christ and follow Him on every adventure He has set forth for me to follow …


Do you want to turn your embers back into fire? Because I don’t want to go alone and the only way that’s going to happen is to do exactly what God has commanded me to do.

We must make the decision to be the 120 disciples who obeyed.

We are going to have to get up early and make sandwiches and hand them out.

We’re going to have to feed the homeless and pray in the streets.

We’re going to have to go knocking a few doors and have our humility put into check but it’s going to be worth it because that’s what good disciples do.

We have to go out and fire up every creature that comes along the way. We have to fire them up guys,


I’m going to leave you all with ONE SIMPLE question….

Are you on fire or are you a burning ember?

On fire,

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