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Googly Eyes

There are a few moments in marriage when you have to decide, "Is this worth it?"

I had this particular moment a few days ago when I found this little cupcake at Kraftsmen Cafe. It had my husband's name written all over it but boy did I know it was a delicious treat. I had full intention to bring it home to him but I also thought, "He'd never know."

The cute, little cupcake DID make it home, but there was a much sweeter lesson in this cookie monster scenario.

Though we may have full intent to do the right thing, sometimes we get side tracked with what we see with our fleshy, googly eyes. We must lean on God because He knows all and He sees all.

Not only did I not miss the calories, my heart was free and clear of any sort of shame or guilt and I actually came out looking like the best wife ever.


Clearly this life lesson can be far more difficult when it comes to the lust of the eyes but I will not ever forget how Cookie Monster's googly eyes spoke to me. It's eyes reminded me of mine when there is something I think or feel is better, sweeter or more appealing.

My eyes get wide eyed, fixated on something I want. My haughty eyes are so super focused on the topic, job or person that my mouth drops, beginning to covet what my eyes have tricked me into believing is mine or something I must have.

And with God's grace, sometimes I come out looking like the best wife ever. And sometimes I do not but today, I'm grateful for the heart God has given me. A heart filled with love, respect, loyalty and honesty.


Thank you Father for keeping my heart in check, in all times. Thank you Holy Spirit for residing in me so I may not stray too far left or too far right. Thank you for keeping me in line, keeping my eyes on you all the days of my life. Thank you Father for protecting my marriage from any and all things not of You. Thank you for showering our marriage with mercy and grace, love and respect. Thank you Father for putting it on our hearts to be loyal and honest at all times. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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