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Book Review: For The Love by Jen Hatmaker

Though my "To Read" pile ceases to dwindle, I'm happy to announce to have finally had the chance to read another remarkable book by Jen Hatmaker. Her 2017 debut, Of Mess and Moxie sucked me right in and I could not wait to get my hands on another book so, For The Love came next in line.

Jen's quirky writing style continues to amaze me, her genuineness and hilarity merely progressed from 2015 to 2017. I thoroughly enjoy reading a book full of raw character details wrapped up with a nice, little bow and you know what? She nails it perfectly. Jen puts all of her cards on the table with absolutely no expectation in return because she seems to have a great deal of knowledge of the meaning of grace.

This book is a reminder of the blunt desperation of what society believes to be true and Jen calls BS on the whole thing. She puts into perspective of the sheer distorted view of what the world has put as a level of success, and with boldness reminds her readers it is false and nearly unattainable without paid staff. Now, Mrs. Hatmaker does NOT deter you from trying your best and pushing through the trials but writes in detail of how grace covers us in the first place, creating a sense of relief for not having a home which looks like the front page of our Pinterest accounts.

For the Love kindly puts into perspective of real life, without Instagram filters covering every wrinkle and imperfection. This book is filled with love, mercy and some seriously enticing recipes which are now on my refrigerator shopping list. She reminds the readers to slow down and enjoy what God has given us in the first place, life. This book is a gracious reminder to not take life too seriously but to bask in the wonderfulness of family and fellowship.

Mrs. Hatmaker draws her readers in with her candid viewpoints of what most women are too afraid to recognize and she backs up with scripture on how to become victorious over these false benchmarks. She reminds her readers of Jesus' sound advice of gentleness and humility as she sprinkles some her of "hey, we need some boundaries here" on top of that beautiful little cupcake called life.

Jen's book is well rounded for both the young and seasoned, as well as, for those secular and the Bible thumpers like myself. Laughter and tears are both found between these pages and if there is anything I can highly recommend, it is a highlighter!

Happy reading,

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