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Artist Spotlight: Jason M. George

A few months ago I was toying with the idea of re-branding the blog and found myself wanting to incorporate my photography but not take away from the company by using the same name or colors. Carolyn Marie Photography creates unity for the blog but I did not want my clients to feel convicted to read or know about my blog if they were, strictly photography clients. So, I reached out to a graphic designer by the name of Jason M. George.

Jason George graduated at the top of his class from The Art Institute in 2000 and went straight into the role of Web Designer. Shortly thereafter, he advanced into UI/UX Designer, implementing numerous successful additions to the Baylor College of Medicine, a multi-million dollar hospital.

Jason requested only a few questions from me when he decided to take on this project. He knew I wanted to have a familiarity between my two companies but not an exact replica of one logo to another.

His three professional questions were as followed:

1. What emotional reaction do you want your audience to have?

2. What is your favorite color AND does it line up with Question number one?

3. What idea or symbol represents what you do?

I'm going to be dead honest with you here guys, there is absolutely no way I would have asked myself those questions if I were to re-brand my company myself. Of course, this is why Jason is the professional Graphic Designer, and I am ... NOT.

Unfortunately, this day in age, because we all tend to have a minor set of technical abilities and let's face it, an account to YouTube; we can sometimes weasel our way into something mediocre. But I don't want mediocrity and I know you do not either. We creatives deserve well branded companies with logos which have an emotional reaction. We want our colors to match our personalities and demeanor. We also want AND need symbols which catch our audience's attention so they do not waste their time on cute fashion websites when they are looking for a photographer.

Having a professional sit down with you, even on more than one occasion to hash out details, work up ideas and create logos with love is a priceless source of marketing and a sound investment in your company. If you are seriously considering outsourcing (which I highly recommend) for a logo or a re-brand, consider reaching out to Jason M. George for a consultation.

Also, don't forget to peek up at the top left hand corner of your screen and swoon over that beautiful, little logo. It's mine. It's me. And I LOVE IT!

Happy day,

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