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Restaurant Spotlight: Adair Kitchen

A few of years ago, my boss highly recommended a local lunch spot by the name of, Adair Kitchen.

At the time I was not eating out on a regular basis so it took a few times to convince me. To be quite honest, she opted to pay for my first meal if I would, "For the love of God, please just try this place." With doubt in my mind, I set my homemade taco salad aside and I joined her for lunch.

Linda, my boss, recommended the Super Foods Bowl, with a champagne vinaigrette, but I opted for a Super Foods Bowl, with a black bean patty. Let me back up a bit, upon arrival, I gasped at the long line which passed the beautiful wooden front doors, but Linda giggled and said, "Trust me, it's worth the wait."

"She's buying me lunch, she's buying me lunch ..." I continuously told myself while sighing at the fact that I needed to wait in line for ... wow, before I knew it, we were ready to order. After ordering, our food came out just as I expected (okay, I had to ask for forgiveness later) because I was too busy gawking at the huge bowl of kale, bright vegetables and the warm brown rice underneath. I waited till I was done before apologizing but as she mentioned, it was totally worth the wait.

As noted above, my first visit was back in 2015 but I have been going there, what started as a bi-weekly visit to at least every other day. Now, Taryn, one of the young ladies behind the bar insists on calling the police, and filing a "missing person's report", if the third day rolls around and I am no where to be found. Thankfully it has yet to happen.

Speaking of Taryn, I would first like to mention: order a Vanilla Latte. Rightside Coffee's aromatic beans are as big and as bold as the flavor. This earthy body fits all coffee connoisseurs and don't let me forget all my fellow tea snobs like myself, don't hesitate to grab one of those locally sourced loose-leaf teas in that beautiful brown Pandora's box of goodness!

My menu items have not deviated much but I will be honest, both the morning brunch and evening table service options are an absolute must. Hands down, my go-to menu choice for the evening is the Grilled Pesto Salmon but please do yourself a favor and request the Texas Trio beforehand. Yes, you will need a to-go box but no, you will not regret it. Who on earth was the genius who decided not only to offer you salsa and guacamole but an equal side of queso?! C'mon folks, raise your hand if you're a proud Texan!

As for brunch and to be completely honest, here in the Jackson household, we are mad brunchers. My husband and I debate back and forth between the piping hot Chicken and Waffles versus the Mix-Ins Omelette which I tend to fill to the brim. That is a down right lie, my omelette is so full, my fresh vegetables fall out, every, single, time, but it pairs perfectly with the smooth black beans; The Avocado Mash is a very, very close second. I keep trying to convince myself to try something new, such as the Egg Croissant Sandwich or Huevos Rancheros but every time I get there after noon, I end up ordering my infamous lunch special, "Super Foods Bowl, with a black bean patty, no miso, double avocado, pickles, cilantro and chickpeas." PLEASE do not knock the pickles and cilantro, it's a must try. I may or may not have convinced at least three other customers to try it and now call it, The Carolyn Salad. I kid you not, I have been there when they have ordered it over the phone! I do plan on requesting Adair put a button for easy access for any new staff members but that's an entirely different subject. As for now, let me share a little bit about the faces behind my most beloved eatery in Houston.

I don't know about you but there are literally hundreds of restaurants around town with good food and terrible service but Adair Kitchen is not one of those establishments. Don't get me wrong, if I don't enjoy a restaurant the first time, I will give it a second try and if I still don't like it, there are no hard feelings. Unfortunately, my grace for bad service as is not nearly as forgiving. There are just too many Houston restaurants which have phenomenal service and here's where Adair Kitchen shines the brightest. Any one can create delicious food but not everyone who works under the same roof can pull off enjoying the environment and making their customers feel like they are the top priority.

I have personally had the pleasure of knowing Sarah (Assistant Manager) the longest and whether I was coming in for a quick bite for lunch, a small business dinner or our engagement party, the service provided was absolutely fantastic. Sarah continuously creates an atmosphere both fun and professional. I have not quite figured out how the staff can be so forthcoming with their smiles and generosity during the noon to one o'clock lunch rush, but they do it. I know, without a shadow of a doubt they all have 'one of those days' but their work ethics do not allow that type of unprofessional tendencies to show. The front house staff is just as friendly as the back half. Everyone treats all customers in a professional manner, and even have laughs along the way. I don't need to be wined and dined though Adair does offer this as well, but I thoroughly enjoy going into this establishment and leaving not only full of deliciousness but with a smile on my face.

Over the last past few months, I have also had the honor to meet and get to know both Elias (General Manager) and Lena (Assistant Manager), who both have completely different personalities but create harmony within the sleek, farmhouse walls of Adair Kitchen. Though their personalities differ, their love for the restaurant to thrive is first and foremost. Between these three managers, excellency is not only maintained but spills over onto the staff.

This sibling-owned concept has successfully generated a classic, farm-to-table atmosphere, using locally sourced ingredients with quality as their main priority. The managers noted above, along with their wonderful staff members such as Taryn, Roy, Jose, Raul, Carlos, Jay and many, many more, create a cozy cafe and what I can assume was Nick and Katie's idea of a perfect place to call home.

Whether you grab the gals for a mimosa brunch, pop by for a quick lunch or stay for a night cap over dinner, Adair Kitchen will not only fit every dietary need, you will be delighted with the exceptional local flare and genuine hospitality.

Not only does Adair Kitchen nail it, they offer Houstonians numerous other concepts as well. It is difficult not to be bias, but this will always be my neighborhood eatery because at the end of the day, everyone wants to feel welcome and go home with a full, happy belly.

Let me buy YOU a Vanilla Latte (or drink of your choice)! All you have to do is subscribe to my blog by filling out the Let's Keep In Touch on the right hand side of the screen and the first TEN subscribers will get a complimentary gift certificate!


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