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Community Spotlight: Katy Women in Business

Two weeks ago, over 300 small business owners of Katy joined together and enjoyed two days of networking, sipping on local wine and freshly brewed coffee. What started as a small vision to have Katy Women in Business gather together and have coffee, quickly escalated to 180 Katy businesses pouring into a two-day event at both Sonoma Wine & Cheese and Humble Ground Coffeehouse.

Only weeks before, the owners of Katy Women and Business, Courtney Carter and Kellye Casey, casually uploaded one photograph with the caption, Favorite Woman-owned business?

After sifting through 900 comments, they decided to invite women to share their favorite Katy businesses. Within hours, hundreds of women were sharing the love of one another. The photograph went viral and both entrepreneurs knew it was time to create a new brand and instantly began organizing their first live event.

At no cost for the Katy entrepreneurs, women of all generations, races, and business structures giggled and shared their successes and struggles with one another. Numerous heartfelt testimonies were shared around the table of what it looks like to be a local, small business owner. Words of affirmation, prayers, tears of joy and tears of pain filled both days.

Realtors, photographers, life coaches, bakers, and many more businesses filled the rooms and cheered on their fellow Katy Women in Business. The rooms were overflowing with beautiful balloon decor, sweet treats, photo booths, and elegant charcuterie boxes. To everyone's surprise, fellowship organically commenced and love was shared by all!

The Katy Women in Business had three simple business goals:

1. To facilitate female relationships both in business and in friendship, backed by monthly meetups and beyond. Our group is a place to find camaraderie over competition, both in our in-person meetups and in our online community on Instagram. KWB strives to promote local businesses, provide resources to increase opportunity, make business connections, provide referrals, and to support Katy women - both in hard times and times of celebration.

2. To develop business opportunities and education for young entrepreneurs of Katy through mentoring, internships, and positive professional examples.

3. To use our strength in numbers to give back to this incredible community. We are passionate about featuring, supporting, and increasing awareness and generosity for charities and non-profits in Katy.

After they shared these goals with their fellow cohorts, every business women stood together and agreed to show their support. And I was one of them.

Not only are these goals obtainable, they are necessary! Will you join us?

To find out more, contact Katy Women in Business HERE.

Cheering you on,



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