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In This Together

Daniel and I want to thank each of you for being on this IVF journey with us. It has been a long and treacherous few months, and I want you to know your love and support did not go unnoticed. In fact, it kept us going.

Many of you know the PGT-A, our embryo genetic test came back as "abnormal" and "not viable". After speaking with a genetic counselor, we found out our little boy would not make it because there was a 99% chance I would miscarry over the next few weeks. In the nearly impossible chance he did live, we would have no more than a few hours to enjoy him upon delivery.

This news was devastating and we were in shock. It took us a few days to process this news and to be able to function properly. Though we do not know or understand why this happened, we are confident that God will come through with His promise.

There are still many tough weeks ahead and hard decisions to make, but for now, we refuse to let the enemy drive a wedge between us.

Again, we appreciate all your support whether it was spiritual, emotional, or financial (or a combination of all three) over the last few months. Though this IVF treatment did not turn out how we wanted or expected, we do recognize two things. One, it created a deeper bond between Daniel and me than we ever had before and two, we are grateful to be surrounded by all of you who care so deeply for us.

For those who are asking how to pray for us, our prayer from the beginning was and still is, "God’s will for us and our family." We appreciate your prayers and continued support. We know our story isn't over, but for now, we will quietly grieve our baby boy and close this chapter, together.

If it is on your heart, will you consider donating? We are still thousands of dollars indebted to this effort. You can donate by visiting our GoFundMe: or contact me for our Zelle, Venmo, or CashApp.


The Jackson Family


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