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Our Fertility Journey

A couple of years ago, my husband and I started a fertility journey. And it was horrible. While it was amid Covid, we had a terrible experience and ended up quickly regretting our decision and throwing our hands up saying, “This is not for us.”

Let me be clear about throwing in the towel. A better phrase should be, we knew it was not in God's timing. Not only did we have a bad experience with a fertility doctor, but the genetic testing and my egg count left us feeling completely overwhelmed with a very bleak option of ever having a child of our own.

After this decision was made, God blessed us with our very first home in 2021. Then in 2022, the debut of my first book and our first mission trip to Italy took place. Although we were blessed with all of these adventures, something still seemed to be missing.

A few months ago during my annual visit, my doctor, in his kind voice said, "Carolyn, the time is now.”

My doctor was not condescending but lovingly pushed me to understand we did not have many years to sit on this option. He asked me why we had stopped so early, and we disclosed what happened. He asked once again if we had any interest, and if so, to possibly try again. He handed me an updated brochure and we parted ways.

With complete hesitation, I gave the clinic a call the next day. I explained our situation and the receptionist consoled me and confirmed the doctor was no longer with the company but all of our testing was valid and no need to start the process all over.

On June 9, 2023, we had our first consultation. We thought we would just check in and meet with another fertility specialist. Upon arrival, we felt so comfortable. The Aspire HFI in Katy, Texas was warm and welcoming. The consultation was peaceful, our questions were answered, laughs were had, and for once, Dr. Kim did not bring up my age. Five days later we started diagnostics which included bloodwork, ultrasound, and more. Yesterday was my hysteroscopy surgery and I'm happy to announce it went extraordinarily well!

All this to say, we know this will be a journey, one we may not even comprehend at this moment, but one we are very excited about. All we know is we are tired of hiding, keeping this little secret, and lying to ourselves. The best thing we know to do is to shed light on the darkness, and this is why these posts will continue.

We know the fertility journey can seem lonely, but I want this adventure to be documented for anyone who is struggling with infertility. I want people to have somewhere to go, have a person to ask, and have a sacred space to pray. While we are just at the forefront of this journey, Daniel and I want to be praying for you and your journey as well.

Thank you all who have been alongside us the last couple of months and who will continue to stand by our side.

We know this might not end up exactly how we want it to, but we are prepared to do whatever it takes to have a child of our own.

Thank you for taking part in the Journey for Baby Jackson. As you may know, this journey is extremely expensive, and insurance does not cover a penny. Folks, we cannot do this without you. If it is in your heart to support us financially, you may do so here: .

If you are in need of a tax deduction, we are happy to draw up this paperwork for you. Thank you again for all your love, support, and prayers.

Joyfully His,

Daniel and Carolyn Jackson


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