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New Found Friends

“You should write more, I love to read your work. I write a little also.” He said.

The two had not ever met but words had been exchanged in the past and she was baffled, utterly confused. How could years pass by, minute by minute while someone had already experienced so many things and just appear into her life out of nowhere?

She always said, “Nothing happens by accident.” And those little words danced on the tip of her tongue as she heard him speak. Within the first five minutes of the conversation, she witnessed his passion, his intellect and his grace.

She sat back, with stars in her eyes as if no one ever spoke to her that way. It wasn’t sexual, completely on the contrary but intimate; that it was. They spoke about life, love and music. All things she revolved herself around. All the things she adored.

For once, she stopped. She sat there and listened.

“Keep it simple.” He said.

She giggled, as she had heard this once before but knew that this was one of the most difficult things for her to accomplish.

She heard the music in the background but for once a conversation had her completely paralyzed in the misty chair she sat in. She tuned in and noticed as he lit up when he spoke of his children as well as the crinkles in his nose when he spoke about his past business adventures.

He spoke to her about life experiences, hardships, and all the things she too had experienced but too shy to tell him she had experienced them from the other side. She chimed in occasionally, because she couldn’t help herself, like a little child looking up to the man she thought was everything. She was intrigued, nervous and downright scared while he unfolded her life with his every word.

No one ever mentioned how you find a mentor growing up, but in this specific moment she knew exactly why. This uncanny moment she could not ever fully describe how she knew he was going to make her a better woman.

Although she yearned for more, she knew it was time to go. It was getting late and he was still on the job. From what seemed like she had known him for many years, a mutual hug was given by the new-found friends. The two parted ways but she knows, without a doubt this won’t be the final lesson.

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