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10 Things I'm Grateful For ...

Today was a beautiful reminder of how blessed I am, even if it slips my mind every once and a while. Yesterday was an absolute mess and I will be going into full detail about it tomorrow but today is about giving Jesus a little shout out about all the wonderful things He does in my life.

Though there are hundreds of thousands of things I am grateful for, today I will be sharing a lighter note of the simple things in my life ...

10. Not having to drive to church after a long day.

9. Puppy kisses, wet or warm.

8. Avocado, at no extra charge.

7. Monster hugs from Daniel.

6. Giggly conversations for hours on end.

5. Getting the chance to teach others.

4. Having a creative heart.

3. Being loved by family and friends.

2. Being loved by my husband.

1. Being fully loved by The Most High.

If you have not ever written out the joys of your life, I urge you to do so. You'll be surprised at the number of little things which are really the big things.

Again, these are today's little joys in which I am utterly grateful for. Believe me, if my eyes could stay open any longer, so would be this post.

Night night,

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