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Weekend Getaway: Pedernales Falls

Last month the cycling crew decided to set out on a new adventure, hiking! Can you believe we did not even bring our bikes? Friday's sleet and small amount of snow may have had something to do with it but it certainly was not going to stop us from our upcoming hiking adventures. Half of the group had not ever hiked before, much less in the hill country so we knew this would be filled with memories.

It was 26 degrees Saturday morning and boy was it brisk! With fresh coffee in the thermos and snacks in our packs, we set off into the deep trails of Pedernales Falls State Park.

Surprisingly after about a mile in, the weather began to play nice, the rain let up and we were able to hike without the hindrance of weather issues.

We began at Twin Falls Nature Trail, enjoying the twists and turns, overlooks and secret caves. After a couple of miles, we decided to take a peek at Wolf Mountain and ended up at Pedernales Falls Trail were we gawked at the rapids, skipped rocks and listened to the overflow of the falls.

The water crashed to and fro but it was music to our ears, it's not something we're used to having in Houston. The weather kept most of the people away so we were blessed enough to relax and have the area to roam and enjoy the serenity.

For the first time, we were able to see a flock of rams, trekking up the side of the mountain without a problem. They gazed at us but kept climbing higher and higher.

After ten miles of trails we called it for the day. The weather began getting colder, sprinkles began and it was time for a hot meal. It was a day to remember though. New friendships were found, jokes were told, and prayers were answered. It was an epic day!

If you are in the surrounding Houston area and looking for a nice getaway, I highly recommend getting an Airbnb and taking a trip out to Johnson City, a little city with all kinds of hidden little gems like Pedernales Falls State Park.

Onto new adventures,

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