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30-Day Bible Reading Plan

Last November, God asked me to do a social media fast. At first, I found every excuse under the sun on why this would be a terrible idea. "But God, this is how I reach my clients for photography, what if I miss out on networking opportunities? What about the church social media account, who's going to run it?"

It didn't matter what excuse I found, God did not budge. So, I decided what better way than to start the new year away from social media and replace the time in God's Word. I knew if I did not fill my time with anything other than God, I would fail miserably.


While I had nothing but supportive cheerleaders during my social media fast, there were plenty of questions my friends and family asked. I share these in case you too want to take advantage of a social media fast and/or read the entire Bible in 30 days.

Was reading the Bible in 30 days hard to do?

Yes, of course, everything comes at a cost. It is a humbling and time-consuming experience because you will be replacing social media and/or binge-watching TV shows in exchange for time with God.

How long did it take?

You will be committing to a minimum of an hour a day in the Word of God. Remember, this is a very broad view of the Bible. If you miss a day, no problem, just keep reading. If you have to break it up into different parts of your day, no problem, just keep reading.

Are you dying to get back on social media?

Surprisingly, I have no desire to get back to social media because over the course of the month, I realize my time is much more valuable in God's Word rather than mindless scrolling.

And my favorite question thus far...

Is it worth it?

One hundred percent. I couldn't believe it took me this long to agree to it. I had a serious problem with being addicted to social media. Being delivered from this was hands down, priceless for me and my mental health.

One of my biggest take-a-ways was on the third day of the social media fast. My husband and I sat down for a meal and he instantly got up for me to take a photograph of his food. Confused of what he was doing, I realized I had molded him into automatically waiting and moving out of the photo frame for me to take a photograph so I could post on social.

How sad is this?

Sorry society, you're not taking over The Jackson table!


Whether you want to read the entire Bible, start a new challenge, incorporate Bible reading into your daily life, or be delivered from culture's norm of needing media to fill your time, this 30-day Bible Reading Plan is for you.

Since my challenge began in January, I had an extra day to read the Book of Revelation on its own day. I highly recommend this. If you want to knock it out in 30, by all means, DO IT!

If you're ready for new revelation, click the button below to download the 30-Day Bible Reading Plan.

I pray this journey blesses you in wonderful ways!

Your biggest cheerleader,


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