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KSBJ Kindness Challenge

How convenient it is to find a priceless situation, especially when the last thing you want to do is smile?

Today was that day.

After sighing though the day, I stumbled upon KSBJ's "The Kindess Challenge." To be brutally honest, it took everything for me to even consider opening the post. As usual, my finger was instantly drawn to the link and the image below popped up on my screen. It took me about two seconds to Command+H but the "Hide" hot key failed me. There I sat in my chair, sulking as I instantly knew I had to read the challenge. Unfortunately for me, the post was summed up in the large font, noting "THE KINDNESS CHALLENGE 31 RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS."

God, seriously?!

Yes, He was serious.

I looked at August 9th and "send a card or write a note to a loved one" stared at me with conviction."

I instantly knew who needed a card; her name flashed before my eyes and I fell into tears.

Insert another slightly sarcastic huff and I replied to KSBJ's Facebook page with, "I am a week late but, challenge accepted."

So, here I am, thumbing though Hallmark cards, rolling my eyes because I know without a shadow of a doubt, my loved one would strangle me if she knew I was spending time and money on a silly card. Please do not judge, our friendship has always been based on sly commentaries, belligerent rebuttals and sarcastic remarks. At the end of the day, she is one special woman in my life and she deserves a card with a little love note.

And you know what else? I need to shake this pity party of a day, put my big girl panties on and change my attitude.

I cannot help but to believe God has created this opportunity to not only make someone else smile, but to correct my attitude.

Please note, this post is not about recognition but a what I believe to be a testimony in the making. I do not know how many of these acts of kindness I will post but I do believe this small act of obedience will move mountains.

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