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Welcome to my page. Please, stay awhile! 

My name is Carolyn Soto Jackson and a native Houstonian. By trade, I am a photographer whose favorite form of worship is writing. I graduated from the University of Houston in 2008 and currently anticipating graduation with a degree in Master of Theological Studies from Truett Seminary at Baylor University.

In 2016, I married my husband Daniel, and later adopted our witty dog named Moose. I am an adventurer who is passionate about Jesus and enjoys documenting my travels with God (and my husband) through pen and portraits. In my free time, you can find me hiking, cycling, and supporting local coffee shops.


Joyfully His,


Wild Adventures: Finding Joy in the Journey

Consider this your cordial invitation for Wild Adventures. Lay down your phone, turn off Netflix, and join me as we trek through a compilation of my personal testimonies with Jesus. These personal encounters are to encourage you to discover your own journey with God, enabling you to seek out a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him. These pages are intended to be filled with more than ink; tears, coffee stains, dirt, and flour, are welcome to help you organize your own creative rendezvous with God. If you are in need of a reminder to slow down and pursue God, this is it. Lace up your shoes, tighten your belt, and cultivate a new relationship with Him by finding joy in the journey.

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